This was from Friday, April 26th.  Thanks to Ellie Craddock for the file.
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"Edie and I asked Todd to put this sign on our property as we are supporting him in the race for Charlottesville Commissioner of Revenue" - Lee and Edie Richards
I am truly honored to have Lee's support.
Thanks to the NDRA for allowing me to sit in on their monthly meeting tonight. 
They had a full agenda but were gracious enough to allow me a few minutes to
discuss my candidacy.  Really nice folks!

Dogwood Parade!


Here we all are before piling into the truck for the parade.
Beautiful weather.  Great friends.  Couldn't ask for more.  What a fantastic time!

Virginia UDems


Had a really fun time discussing my candidacy with the UDems tonight.  Thanks for the invite!  It was really nice to be back on Grounds again.

Thanks to the FSNA for the opportunity to speak.  This is from their March 13th meeting.  My part starts at about the 47 minute mark.
I would like to extend a big thank you to the Ghana Association of Charlottesville for their hospitality today.  I really enjoyed the opportunity to discuss my campaign and learn more about their wonderful organization.
Thanks to Mr. Herbert Porter for the lively discussion this evening.  Truly a pleasure!

Congratulations to Jason Vandever on his victory yesterday.  And thank you to John  Pfaltz for his contribution to our political process.