“We are excited about the high quality of candidates that are seeking the Democratic nomination for Commissioner of Revenue this spring.

    We have the utmost respect for both Todd Divers and Jonathan Stevens, and are confident that both will bring insight, intelligence, and energy to the office and maintain the high level of service that retiring Commissioner of Revenue Lee Richards has established over the years.

    However, in the next few years we believe that the new Commissioner of Revenue will face particular challenges in developing partnerships both within City Hall and the City’s line departments and also with various other governmental and private sector entities in the community.

We also believe that Todd Divers’ experience is uniquely suited to addressing these tasks.

Todd’s “people first” orientation and sensitivity—in combination with his background in both public education and small business—make him especially qualified to fill the position of Commissioner of Revenue at this time.

Consequently, we are pleased to be supporting Todd Divers in the upcoming June 11th primary and are confident that Todd will be an excellent Commissioner of Revenue.

Regardless of the outcome of the primary election, we intend to fully and enthusiastically support the Democratic nominee."


David Brown, former Mayor

Jennifer Brown, former Treasurer

Blake Caravati, former Mayor

John Conover, former Vice-Mayor

Virginia Daugherty, former Mayor

Francis Fife, former Mayor

Jennifer McKeever, current School Board member

Nancy O’Brien, former Mayor

Roxanne White, former Assistant County Executive (Albemarle)

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