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The Piedmont Housing Alliance held its 30th Anniversary Celebration at the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center on Thursday (10/3), honoring "Housing Heroes" for their service.  Honorees included Francis Fife, Nancy O'Brien, Gordon Walker, Stu Armstrong, and Catherine Potter.

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9/28 - The Charlottesville Scholarship Program’s Gala:  Charlottesville’s Promise 2013 was a grand success, with over 300 people enjoying good food good music and a thought provoking and heartwarming program at The Paramount Theatre. Now in its third year, this special event has raised more than $80,000 to support our community’s promise: to help build bright futures for graduates of Charlottesville’s public schools and its employees who face financial challenges in seeking to advance their education.

So glad that Annie and I had the opportunity to attend this wonderful event!

We got to meet Dorothy McAuliffe at the Albemarle County Democratic Barbecue on Saturday 9/28!

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Just returned from another wonderful Tom Tom event.  Big thanks to Paul Beyer and the rest of the Tom Tom crew; to the City Council and Board of Supervisors candidates; and to the really impressive entrepreneurs who shared their time and energy.

There are more Tomtoberfest events coming up, so learn more here:

Media coverage of Candidate Forum via Newsplex CBS19:
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I attended the Fry's Spring Neighborhood Association Council Candidates Forum last night at Jefferson Park Baptist Church.  It was an insightful, civil discussion of important topics.  As a former civics teacher who values the political process, I find it really gratifying to see the process in action here in Charlottesville. 

Remember to vote on November 5th!


Attended the Fry's Spring/Johnson Village "Our Town" meeting last night.  Good stuff.  Always very informative and great to see so many folks engaged with local government.


September 8, 2013
The Charlottesville Democratic Party hosted a "Four Guys Constitutional Cookout" Sunday at McIntire Park.

The party was open to the public in a fun and relaxed environment. Voters could easily get to know the Democratic Constitutional Candidates.

The constitutional candidates are those running for sheriff, treasurer, commonwealth's attorney and commissioner of revenue. They are office democrats say are important decision-makers in local government.

"The constitutional offices under Virginia law perform very basic governmental functions," said Sen. Creigh Deeds (D-25th District). "Open government is where the rubber hits the road. You want the best qualified people there and Charlottesville's lucky to have these people running."

The commissioner of revenue is the only position facing opponents in the general election. Democrat Todd Divers will be running against two independents this November.

There is less than two months to go in Decision 2013 and on Sunday,
Charlottesville Democrats hosted a picnic in McIntire Park.
The "Four Guys Constitutional Cookout" drew party faithful and voters. Candidates campaigning for city council and commissioner of revenue say they will spend the weeks up to Election Day meeting potential voters and spreading the word about their goals for Charlottesville.

"[I'm] Just trying to be out and be visible, it is a contested election so I need to make sure that folks are aware of who I am and can get in touch with me if they need to," said Todd Divers, candidate for City Commissioner of Revenue.

"From here to Election Day it will be door to door, it will be talking to the voters and seeing what they're concerns are and making sure that if I am successful, I'll hit the ground running," Bob Fenwick, Democratic candidate for Charlottesville City Council, said.

Both candidates are running in contested races.  Election Day is November 5.